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Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architecture team includes Landscape Architects, Designers, and Technicians; all of which are well-versed in concept design, site planning, sustainable design principles, landscape and irrigation design, and hardscape design. We create effective landscape and urban designs for developers and help cities and park districts develop innovative park and recreation facilities. In all our designs we seek to create a walkable, welcoming, and well-thought-out design for the users and the client.


Landscape Architecture Services

  • Understanding and managing land-use processes is key to a successful and efficient development review. The process involves effective orchestration of plan review processes alongside our land-use planning group, guiding the efforts of the project design team and leading presentations to community groups and governmental agencies.

  • Our in-house design disciplines provide the necessary expertise and experience to successfully tackle large-scale master planning projects. Our team considers all aspects of site analysis and evaluation such as site opportunities and constraints, topography, utility services, access, sensitive areas, vegetation, storm water management, zoning and development regulations, and environmental impacts. We also use current design and visualization tools that are invaluable during the extensive public and jurisdictional review processes.

  • Our design studio has significant experience preparing a range of presentation exhibits, developing creative exercises and leading community meetings that encourage participation and constructive feedback.

  • Creative planning and detailed design of open spaces applies equally to public parks as well as private housing, mixed-use and commercial projects. Blueline has extensive experience in both realms and applies sustainable design practices, accessible design solutions, and client-driven design to ensure that projects meet the needs of the community it serves.

  • An important aspect of landscape architecture is participation in the very early stages of project feasibility and site planning. Our understanding of how the user experiences outdoor spaces is unique to other design disciplines and brings an important perspective to the planning of sites and the creation of viable development solutions.

  • After the project planning and concept design is complete, the landscape architect will take the project to the next level, looking at all aspects of the property beyond the walls of the buildings and structures, creating a framework and design theme for the exterior look and feel of the completed project.

  • Innovative and cost-conscious planting and irrigation solutions are important to a successful and lasting project. We consider site impacts, material availability, current technology and water conservation techniques in our approach to design.