Driven by passion

Responsive, personable, and a passion for excellence. Our people are the primary reason our clients recommend Blueline to others. Team members actively engage with each other, our partners, and our clients in a collaborative way that emphasizes teamwork, contrust. We’re able to do this because we’re truly passionate about what we do and about leaving behind us an enduring legacy of quality.



Blueline’s mission is: To build people. To build relationships. To build communities.


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Blueline is committed to being an active ally and advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally and externally. Within Blueline we will ensure that our workplace is inclusive, safe, and free of discrimination through our words and actions. We are committed to cultivating a culture where every team member feels valued and supported, along with investing in their personal and professional growth. In addition, we will seek out opportunities to participate in our community and support organizations that support various forms of social equity and justice. Ultimately, we aspire to not only belong to but also continually contribute to a community where no one is disenfranchised.


The Blueline difference

From the initial phases of our projects through their completion, we’ve found that the best metric for success is trust. Trust between Blueline, our clients, and our extensive network of partners and city contacts. At the end of the day, that’s why we’re here: to build relationships, enhance communities, and improve lives. That’s the Blueline difference.


Our History

Founded in 2003, Blueline is a civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land use planning firm headquartered in downtown Kirkland. When we started, we provided our clients with engineering and planning design concepts for public and private development projects. Since then, we have expanded our land use planning and landscape architecture services, without ever losing sight of our original goal: to be the best consultant available.


A Team Approach

Blueline is an innovative, energetic, and responsive group of professionals who are passionate about making our communities a great places to live.