Land Use Planning


If you have a piece of land you’re considering developing for residential, recreational, commercial, agricultural, or transport use, Blueline can help set a vision and make it come to life. We employ a staff of highly skilled and experienced planners knowledgeable in current and long-range planning, code development, grant writing and management, site planning, and feasibility studies. We also provide the necessary resources for all environmental review matters, permitting and land entitlement needs.

Land Use Planning Services

  • What sets us apart from other firms is the care we put into our feasibility analysis. We provide clients with a conceptual site plan that is code compliant, with utility coordination and design that is thorough in its earliest stage. By utilizing the latest software technology such as Lumion, SketchUp, InDesign, and LandFX, not only can we assist the developer with detailed plan layouts and designs, but we can also help visualize and promote these ideas.

  • Blueline can assist municipalities and other public agencies when developing their long range and comprehensive plan adoptions, updates, and amendments in addition to regulatory code development and shoreline master planning.

  • We aid the private developer in navigating the land use entitlement and permitting process. Our attention to detail with public agency coordination ensures deadlines are met and development goals achieved.

  • Working in concert with our landscape architecture group, a comprehensive approach to updating and adopting park master plans includes in-house design concepts, public involvement and facilitation with stakeholders, presentations, and design charrettes.

  • Possessing a strong background in environmental analysis, we can facilitate engineering and land use actions through the various approval processes such as HPA, NPDES, and JARPA as well as reviews under state SEPA and federal NEPA compliance.

  • Public projects need money to get off the ground. We can help in the search for grant and loan dollars with grant writing, coordination, and project management for local, regional, state and federal public grant funding.