• Bellwether Housing


  • Civil Engineering
    Landscape Architecture
    Land Use Planning
Tukwila, WA

The Confluence

This 101-unit transit-oriented affordable housing development is currently under construction in a rapidly developing area of Tukwila, WA and is adjacent to a park and ride and light rail station. The landscape architecture scope included an outdoor amenity area featuring dining and play areas on the building’s podium, a synthetic turf mini soccer field, as well as planting, irrigation, lighting, and hardscape design. The civil scope for this infill redevelopment was quite extensive. Connections to water and sewer for the proposed building were required along with substantial offsite main extensions permitted through King County Water District 125 and Valley View Sewer District respectively. The City of Tukwila required widening of S 152nd Street along the project’s frontage, as well as onsite stormwater detention and water quality facilities. Due to the site’s topography, design of a sizable pump station was required to convey stormwater to the public system.

Team Collaboration

Blueline truly appreciated working in the collaborative environment fostered by the Bellwether development team. By allowing Johnson Braund and Blueline to work with Rafn, the general contractor, throughout the design process, the project was able to start construction almost immediately upon permit approvals, and  communication during construction is effortless given the familiarity between those involved.

“I just wanted to follow up on my call with the water district. They relayed to me how much they liked working with Blueline on this project. They said that the water plans were some of the best that they have seen and made the review and approval process with CHS a breeze, completed much faster than normal. They especially liked the “testing and final inspection pages” included in the set. Something that they hadn’t seen before, but is now using these as a standard for the district moving forward.”