• City of Algona


  • Land Use Planning
Algona, WA

Algona Municipal Code Amendments

After hiring Blueline to write a successful E2SHB 1923 grant application, the City of Algona selected us to assist them in implementing the three eligible actions supported by the funding. The three actions require municipal code changes that will encourage more diversity in the City’s housing inventory and increase the City’s regulatory streamlining. Once implemented, duplexes, triplexes, and courtyard apartments will be permitted in the City’s medium-density residential zone, and duplexes will be allowed on all corner lots within the City’s low-density residential zone. These accommodations for more “missing middle housing” should increase the availability of more affordable housing options than traditional single-family detached development. Furthermore, the code amendments will allow the short subdivision review process to be used for nine lots or fewer land division applications.

In addition to the E2SHB 1923 changes, we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the City’s Zoning Code and determined what changes are necessary for more consistency and better clarity. The result is an improved, readable set of regulations that will provide more efficient code enforcement and increased economic development. We are currently drafting the ordinance that will include these recommendations as well as the E2SHB 1923 amendments. Now that the draft zoning ordinance is complete, we are taking it through all necessary public and legislative processes for the City.